Hathaway Studios’ InCoWriMo Fountain Pen GiveAway

Artist and Hathaway Studios namesake, Marc Hathaway, has announced a Fountain Pen GiveAway in honor of InCoWriMo. Way to go, Marc!

To enter the GiveAway (random drawing), you simply need to send something handwritten to Marc before the end of February (2014).

As an InCoWriMo participant (you are participating, right?), this is terrific. You’ll be writing to someone every day in February anyway. You might as well write to Marc – you could win a fountain pen!

Complete details – and Marc’s mailing address – are included in his blog post announcing the GiveAway:

Fountain Pen Drawing – InCoWriMo 2014

Marc explains the GiveAway – and actually makes the GiveAway pen – in the video below: