The InCoCSL – Cool Surprise Letter

    Give your InCoWriMo recipients a cool and fun surprise – and make them work a bit when they receive your correspondence! Fold your letter/note into an InCoCSL (Cool Surprise Letter). This quick video shows just how easy (and fun) it can be: Share your mailing address with...

  • Count Crustáceo de Cozumel

    InCoGiveAway! Use Your Pens!

    This InCoGiveAway is taking place exclusively on Instagram. Would you like to adopt Lord Windermere’s semi-evil half-brother? Well here’s your chance! Count Crustáceo de Cozumel is looking for a new lair (after having a near boiling experience off the coast of Maine). He is fully recovered, easy to care for, and promises to help you take over the woooorld – bwahahaha! But wait – there’s more! Count Crustáceo comes with his very own Instagram account, @countcrustaceo – #ohyeah To enter, use your Instagram account to do the following: Ah one… Be sure you are following: @incowrimo Ah two… Record a video of yourself using a pen to write InCoWriMo. You can…

  • An InCoWriMo Group Endorsement!

    Not since One Direction has a group had this much influence upon the public at large. This endorsement, featuring Tarquin, Azizah, Stephen, and Windy – with a cameo by Roberto thrown in for good measure –  can only be described as mega-hyper-super-ultra coooool! #ohyeah