These 28+ People Would Love to Receive your InCoWriMo Correspondence! (2021)

Don’t let a lack of at-the-ready recipients keep you from accepting the InCoWriMo Challenge. With this list, you don’t even need a personal address book.

In years past, this “28 People” list has included celebrities, sports figures, Instagrammers, business moguls, etc. This year, however, as I looked through the number and variety of people sharing their mailing addresses in the comments section of the InCoWriMo Address Exchange 2021 post, I decided that this year’s 28 People list would consist of people from 28 different countries, all of whom have specifically shared their addresses and genuinely hope to receive InCoWriMo Mail.

These names and addresses were chosen at random based solely on the country indicated in the mailing address. In a few special circumstances, I have included more than one address in a specific country, which explains why this year’s list is 28+ people instead of the usual 28 (or 29 for leap years).

If you are looking for even more addresses than this list provides, do spend an hour reading through the comments of the InCoWriMo Address Exchange 2021 post. There are just so many addresses from which to choose – it’s terrific!

If your name and address are not on this list, I do apologize. Please feel free to share your address in the comments section of this post.

Keep in mind that once you have shared your mailing address on this page, it will very likely be “findable” on the internet forever and a day and until the end of time. There simply is no way to share an address publicly and also keep it private.

Without further ado, I present the 2021 version of These 28 People Would Love to Receive your InCoWriMo Correspondence:

· Italy ·

Hello, my name is Francesca and this will be my 4th year participating in Incowrimo. I live in Italy in the South, close to Naples. I’m a German and English teacher. I love sausage dogs, cross stitching, reading books, baking, journaling, languages.

Francesca Bartoli
via degli Imbimbo 8
83100, Avellino, Italy

· Brasil ·

Hi! This will be my second year in Incowrimo! My son, last year, loved to see many letters arriving at the mail box.

Cris Oliveira
Rua Dr Ant° Amador, 109
Simão da Cunha

· Sweden ·

This is the second time I participate in InCoWriMo. I am a 46-year old wife, mother, daugther, sister, introvert, highly sensitive person and teacher among many things. I love reading, baking, travel, making stuff with my Silhouette Cameo and I have a Shetland Sheepdog. Kind of nerdy…love Harry Potter and Doctor Who.
If you write to me you will surely get a response, I like writing both short and long letters 🙂

Helena Eriksson
Aspvägen 24
722 31 Västerås

· Germany ·

Hi y’all!

I’m a 35 year old web developer from the Netherlands, currently living in Berlin.
Over the last few years I’ve become a big fountain pen and stationery enthusiast.
I also enjoy playing guitar and listening to a variety of musical genres.
Oh, and I watch waaaay too many movies and TV shows…

This will be my fifth year of participating in InCoWriMo!

Maik Joosten
Rigaer Str. 67
10247 Berlin

· United States ·

I’m a 21 year old male who loves fountain pens, out door cycling, and a collection of more modern video games. Nothing beats the snow in my opinion and I’d love someone to write to or just receive letters.

Creighton Lewis
713 hidden cave road
Madison, Wisconsin 53717
United States

· The Netherlands ·

Hi! I’m Esther from The Netherlands 🇳🇱 This is my fifth incowrimo year and love to participate again in 2021. I have no subject preferences. Just a card or letter with something about you and where you live, makes me happy. ‘See you’ in writing 😉 I’ll be sharing my 2021 incowrimo on Instagram (@beautifulgreymouse). Your name and address will not be visible.

Esther Verdonk
Oostlaan 81
4631 GN Hoogerheide
The Netherlands

· South Africa ·

Hi, so looking forward to this year’s InCoWriMo… I am 45 and from Cape Town South Africa. I have an obsession with stationary… love bullet journaling, smashbook art and collecting all kinds of stationary and all sorts of craft mediums… living in Cape Town I learned to appreciate our wonderful wines and the beauty of nature that surrounds us… hope to receive some interesting letters from around the world again this year..

Annelize Douglas
3 Duvorak Street
Protea Heights
Cape Town
South Africa

· Canada ·

Hello, I am Janis, live in The Yukon Canada…have two 4 year old cats, just lost my 12 pounder little Lola a few months ago…so finding it hard to be dogless here in the bush in the Yukon , outside of Whitehorse. I got my certificate in 2013…yep wrote a letter a day for 30 days…twas a lot…but met some amazing people.Besides fountain pens, inks and paper, in the last 4 years I have gotten heavily into the watercolour world and have accumulated WAY TOO MANY full, half and tubes of all different manufacturers of this amazing medium. I am a retired dressmaker and did knit design on the machine in college back in the day. I miss walking without a dog…I have an outhouse and running water and a bathtub….no TV…I have no interest in politics…love to read Anne Perry and mystery books…but not sci-fi or fantasy. I love anything visual and I love colours..I look forward to connecting with some new penpals this year…Please feel free to drop me a line….I will write you back for sure. Take care everyone.

Janis Jessop
Box 11290
Kookatsoon Lake
The Yukon
Canada Y1A 6S2

· Philippines ·

Hello, this is my first time on Incowrimo.

I am Maltese, 46, living in the Philippines, interested in almost anything 🙂 I promise fountain pen handwritten responses to any mail received, with Filipino stamps of course. I am probably one of the only people with a mailbox on this island.. Mail is not much of a thing here but letters do arrive.

I haven’t received a single letter in the 4 years I’ve lived here so I am really looking forward to this.

Dave Alan Caruana
White roof House
Quatis Ibaba

· Singapore ·

Hi everyone! I’m new to this. I stumbled on this amazing group just yesterday. And, funnily enough, I wrote my first letter yesterday too, after eons, because I used to have pen pals when I was a teenager. I’m now a married 46 woman with no kids, just 4 cats. And lots of art and craft supplies, including scrapbooking that have been rotting away in the deepest corner of my cupboard.

Time to buy new supplies! Write to me, please, so I can use all my handwriting and calligraphy practice to good use. I have quite a few hobbies: reading, cooking, baking, painting, sewing, crocheting and calligraphy. I also love to play badminton, tennis, table tennis, beach tennis, soccer, netball, dancing and playing Beat Saber on my VR set!

Suzanah Rahim
Blk 137 Pasir Ris
St 11 #01-219

· Northern Ireland ·

Hello lovely letter writers, this is my first ever InCoWriMo. I love my fountain pen and inks, I have lots of crafty hobbies but I am not that good at any. I’m 45 married 2 adult kids love animals, nature, reading amongst other things. Hopefully I will get to meet some great new people through letters or postcards.

Angela Jones
58 Clonkeen Road
County Antrim
Northern Ireland
BT41 3JJ

· México ·

Hi everyone!
My name is Miguel Angel Martinez, I’m from Mexico and I’m 20 years old. I would be more than glad to receive a letter next february, and to be able to reply back!

I would love to hear about you. You can write anything you want, even your personal stuff if you want 🙂
2021 will be my first year participating, and I would be so happy to receive some letters, and of course, if you want a friend from Mexico, tell me and I’ll send you a letter too!
Here’s some things I would love talking about: Hobbies, family, friends, series, movies, your country, pets, cooking, any other topic you want! (Yes, I ran out of ideas :p)

Have a wonderful writing time 😀

Miguel Angel Martinez Altamirano
Calle Carlos A. Carrillo 327
Col. 5 de Mayo 2da Sección
Guadalajara, Jalisco
CP. 44970

· Australia ·

Hi, I’m a long time letter writer but first time InCoWriMo participant – and I’m super excited about it! I love writing letters, vegetable gardening and hanging out with our four chickens, bird watching, crafting and spending time with my partner and our almost 3 year old. I love listening to music and checking the mailbox.

I hope you’ll consider writing to me – happy for one offs or those looking for a longer term penpal just let me know which you would prefer.

Lisa Mackie
37 Wybalena Grove
Cook ACT 2614

· Australia ·

Hello everyone, I was an avid Incowrimoer a few years back, but fell off the wagon for the past two years. I would love to write to/hear from previous people I’ve corresponded with. Last year we had a house fire and lost everything, including my magnificent collection of wonderful letters from you all. It’s time to begin the collection again! New address below but you may recall me from Welshpool, Western Australia.

Neville Smith
Suite 4
434 Lord Street
Mount Lawley 6050
Western Australia

· Greece ·

Hello! I am from Greece and unfortunately i missed last year’s InCoWriMo but I’m ready to participate this year!
I’m really excited about writing and receiving letters and I’m looking forward to it.
I have interest in many things and love reading about other people’s lives, thoughts and ideas and would like to share my own too!
I love drawing, sport, music and philosophical conversations!
Feel free to write me a letter!!

Danai Papadopoulou
Thessaloniki 57010

· Hong Kong ·

Hi I’m Bjai Wong from Hong Kong. This will be my first time joining Incowrimo. My hobbies include leathercraft, fountain pens and inks, jewellery making, papercrafting and journaling, as well as both Chinese and English calligraphy (copperplate) and lettering. I’m currently learning how to write gothic script (in textura and fraktur). I’m hoping to pick up italic and uncial script this year again. I’m also interested in aromatherapy, perfumery and all things nice smelling!

Bjai Wong
Flat 2012, Block B
Viking Villas
No 70 Tin Hau Temple Road
Hong Kong

· Chile ·

Hello! I just found out about this! And I’m so excited to participate.
I’m a 35 yo female surgeon, no kids yet, one dog… I was an exchange student in 2001, lived abroad for a year and met amazing people from all over the world, and that totally expanded my horizon, I absolutely love to travel (and been missing it so much through this pandemic) but it made me discover a lot of other interests… like knitting, crochet, embroidery, gardening, crafts, planners, stickers, and such…I also enjoy many tv shows, and movies, love to read… and usually find myself running out of time to do everything I would like to do!
Would love to write and receive letters or postcards, and Hopefully find penpals all over the world!

Carolina Rodríguez
Avenida España 106, depto 204
Curicó, Chile

Hola! Acabo de descubrir esto! Y me encantaría participar!
Tengo 35 años, soy cirujana, sin hijos aún, una perrihija. Fui estudiante de intercambio el 2001, viví por un año en Estados Unidos, y eso me permitió conocer personas maravillosas de distintas partes del mundo y definitivamente expandió mis horizontes.

Amo viajar y por la pandemia extraño mucho hacerlo, sin embargo me ha permitido descubrir y desarrollar otros hobbies, cómo tejer, bordar, todo lo que es papelería, me he reencantado con las plantas.
Me gusta ver series, películas, leer! Generalmente me faltan horas al día para hacer todos lo que me gustaría!
Me encanta la idea de escribir y recibir cartas y postales de todas partes del mundo!

Carolina Rodríguez
Avenida España 106, depto 204
Curicó, Chile

· New Zealand ·

Hello from New Zealand!
This will be my third incowrimo. I would love some long term pen pals, but please know, I will respond to every letter I get. Not to give too much away but I love stationery – especially paper, reading, all animals and almost everything from the 1930’s-1940’s. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Katrina Leighton
74 Simpson Road
Auckland 0612
New Zealand

· Norway ·

I’m Charlotte, 31 and currently living in Bergen, Norway (though I’m from eastern Norway).

I’m a very curious person and have tons of hobbies. Creating things feels wonderful and I nearly love planning my projects as much as I love actually making stuff.

I enjoy exploring places and going on adventures (even very small ones in my current city), traveling, reading books, listening to classical music, cooking (desserts, mostly), sewing clothing, embroidering, painting with watercolors, journaling, playing adventure video games, photographing, learning languages (chinese, french and python) and exercising.

Oh, and I have the cutest cockatiel (though if you’d asked me five years ago, I would have insisted I was a cat person).

I’d love to hear from you! ^^

Charlotte Tokle Poverud
Christinegård 46U
5037 Bergen

· United Kingdom ·

Hello Planet Earth you can write to me I am happy to have letters from anywhere on this planet particularly obscure places around the UK and Ireland.

David Painter
58 Robin Hood Way
Kingston Vale
SW15 3PH
United Kingdom

· Spain ·

My interests are:

Reading, Music (especially vintage blues), Cycling, Food & Wine. Science & Nature, History, Architecure (of old buildings) Country Walks, The Paranormal (ghost stories etc), Ornithology, Seaside & Sea Fishing, Writing (poetry & stories) Letter Writing. Oh and Fountain Pens as well as Stationary not that I have a lot of that at the moment.

I’ve also recently taken up the Ukulele, yes twas in lockdown.

So glad this world of nostalgic lovers-of-meaningful-and-special communication exists!

I just came across this tradition while I was admiring beautiful inks and fountain pen quotes in IG. I would love to contribute!.

My letters will arrive from Spain, from a lover of adventure, dreams, memorable stories, art history, books, nature, personal growth and sensory pleasures like scents, tea and delicious food. I will reply in Spanish or English, or both, whatever you’d prefer.

Maria Fernández
Paseo Isabel la Católica 8, 13A
47001 Valladolid

· France ·

Hi letter writers !
It’s my fifth Incowrimo and I can’t stand to begin. I love inks and lovely paper, snailmail, watercolor and digital drawing and So many things more.
I love open my mailbox and find handwritten envelops. I always reply !
Have a lovely writing February !

Sonia Deligat Stropiano
37 bis avenue du guillon
38500 Voiron

· Denmark ·

I thought about maybe sitting this one out, i felt like 2020 was intense and hard, and i wouldn’t have anything to write about …But then i thought …. its been like that for everyone.
So here i am for the 5th year and i’m cautiously optimistic.

I’m 36, married, no kids by choice, 1 dog, Icelandic, living in Scandinavia, a bit weird.

I enjoy reading, movie watching, fountain pens, Hobonichi, Asian stationery, the quiet moments, podcasts, youtube, Poetry, journaling, planning, a good quote, water coloring, knitting, crocheting, walks in nature …. just off the top of my head.

So my address is

Ásdís Rut Gunnarsdóttir
Søndermarksvej 35,
4200 Slagelse

· Pakistan ·

Hello, World. I am Khaula. I am 25 and I am into snailmailing. This is my 3rd year participating in InCoWriMo. I have many hobbies. I like to write, draw, cook, bake, journal, listen to music, watch anime and much more. My address is given below. Please do write to me.

Khaula Sher
C/o Mrs. Riffat Nazir, Lab. Asst.
Govt. Girls Degree College 2,

· United States ·


This will be my first time participating in InCoWriMo. I’m a fashion and beauty photographer from NYC.

I love hearing about people’s talents and interest. This seems like a very interesting group from the comments I’m reading. I’m open to talk about anything. Let me know if you would like to be my penpal.

Brandon Wyche
3611 28th Ave Unit 8
LIC NY 11103

· Switzerland ·

Last year was the best InCoWriMo ever!
Participating for the fifth time now this year. Made some long term penpals through this.
I’m a bavarian living in Switzerland for the twelfth year now.
Unfortunately my handwritig is nicely described as artistic. lol, expect some scribbles in my letters or Artist Trading Cards from time to time as a compensation for this.
Corresponding about art, paper and art supplies besides pen talk and whats going on in life right now is always welcome.

Dominik Neuffer
Büündering 18
3312 Fraubrunnen

· Belgium ·


The past years I enjoyed InCoWriMo a lot.
Reading letters from all over the globe was cheerful, writing and responding even better. The postcards and long letters made me dream away of places I’ve never heard of .

Writing letters is calming, soothing and some sort of meditation.

I’m a 44 year old woman, child free by choice, living with my wife and our two dogs in a quiet village in Belgium. In normal years we love to travel. I love hiking, meeting friends, stationary, journaling, cooking.
My favourite scenery is water; I love our seaside, lakes and rivers.
As hobby I love scuba diving, two years ago I became an instructor and I want to show as much people as possible the beautiful but hidden underwater world.
I work from home since March last year, missing a lot of social contact. Zoom calls can’t replace the real in person contact. I long for better times in which we can hug our friends and relatives.

If you would decide to write me you can definitely expect a response.

Niki Versprille
Rimeir 6
9260 Wichelen

· India ·

Hello from India!

This is my very first year participating in InCoWriMo and I’m looking for penpals from anywhere around the globe who would love to exchange letters and other creative, cute, artsy stuff!

I’m a UI/ UX designer on the weekdays and an art teacher on the weekends. I like collecting art supplies (and using them too :-P), painting, dancing, DIY, staying organised, traveling, illustrating, etc.

I am a dog mother, and an animal lover. A big foodie, but too lazy to cook. A music enthusiast and trying to learn new musical instruments. Love spending most of the time alone in nature! A big fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

I’m hoping to find pen-friends who are interested in writing back! I’ll be responding to everyone who writes to me.

Excited to meet you all through this lovely correspondence writing group and be a part of one!

Tanvi Kulkarni
Plot no,7,
Jaishakti society,

· México ·

Looking for an international penpal or just someone to send a letter/postcard? Send it my way in México. 🇲🇽 Please let me know if you’d like an answer from me and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as possible.

Jesús Antonio López García
Av. Real del Bosque Mz. 23 Lt. 47-B
Fracc. Real del Bosque
Tultitlán, Estado de México
C.P. 54948

I can write in Spanish and English (or at least I’ll try). My interests are: fountain pens, fountain pen inks, origami, handcrafting in general, a little bit of crochet, science fiction books/movies, tech.
If you need a topic to get started, here are some ideas you can use:
1. What would you work on rather than what you do for a living right now?
2. If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?
3. What’s the best/most memorable present you’ve been given and why?
4. Feel free to propose any other topic.

Me gustaría ver más hispanohablantes en el Incowrimo. Aunque me imagino que para estar aquí seguramente hablan inglés, dejo mi descripción en español:

¿Buscas a un amigo de correspondencia o sólo alguien para enviarte una carta/postal? ¡Mándame una hasta México! 🇲🇽 Por favor déjame saber si quieres recibir una respuesta de mi parte y haré lo posible por responder lo más pronto posible.
Puedo escribir en español e inglés (o al menos lo intentaré). Mis intereses son: plumas fuente, tintas para pluma fuente, papiroflexia, un poco de crochet, libros/películas de ciencia ficción, tecnología.
Si necesitas algún tema para empezar, aquí hay algunas ideas que puedes utilizar:
1. ¿En qué trabajarías en lugar de a lo que te dedicas actualmente?
2. Si tuvieras un superpoder, ¿cuál sería y por qué?
3. ¿Cuál es el mejor/más memorable obsequio que te hayan dado y por qué?
4. Siéntete libre de proponer cualquier otro tema.

¡Saludos!/Regards. ❤️