InCoWriMo Address Exchange 2017

While InCoWriMo has published The 2017 List featuring 28 people (and one lobster) that would love to receive your correspondence, many have expressed interest in sharing their own addresses in the hopes of receiving InCoMail in February. You can do that right here on this page in the comments section.

Simply add a comment (below) to this blog post with your name and mailing address (and perhaps a sentence about yourself or your interests). Other InCoWriMo participants will not only add their addresses, but they will also come here to search for victims willing recipients.

Keep in mind that once you have shared your mailing address on this page, it will very likely be “findable” on the internet forever and a day and until the end of time. There simply is no way to share an address publicly and also keep it private.

Don’t forget to check out the InCoWriMo Planning Calendar for your month of letter writing.

Happy InCo!