• Letters (and a Mailbox) du Jour – 3 February 2014

    My Fellow InCo’s, Welcome to Day Three of InCoWriMo 2014! First to share a letter with us is s.Jane Mills, who started her InCoWriMo Adventure by writing a letter to her mail carrier – how thoughtful! Next up is Kenneth Thomas who shows us the wax seal he has affixed to an outgoing letter. The symbols/characters are recognizable, but what could they mean? Perhaps the comments section will provide abundant theories (could be fun!). And last, but certainly not least, John J. Nosal shares the calligraphic card with which he began his InCoWriMo Safari. Thanks to everyone who has sent in photos for sharing. If you’d like to share part…

  • PSA: The Consequences of InCoWriMo

    To kick off InCoWriMo 2014, Mark Harris shares a photo of the aftermath of his participation in InCoWriMo 2013. Twenty letters per column. Eight full columns. Ten stragglers. A total of 170 letters from around the world. That’s impressive, Mark. Now what I’d like to know is: How many words? Just kidding. A little. Maybe. Some of my non-pen friends (I have a few) occasionally ask me, “Why InCoWriMo?” This is why! Thanks for sharing, Mark! May you and all the rest of us enjoy a very Merry InCoWriMo!