InCoWriMo Award Certificates are Here!

It’s February 28th and requests for InCoWriMo Award Certificates are being received. Congratulations to each and every InCoWriMo participant. Whether you will request a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Participation, you are very much a WINNER!...

Letters du Jour – 28 February 2013

The last day of InCoWriMo 2013. Now that I’ve enjoyed four full weeks of InCoWriMo on my mind, in my mailbox, and on my writing desk, I’m afraid I’ll miss the daily routine.

Letters du Jour – 25 February 2013

InCoWriMo Day 25! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going to be busy through the month of March responding to InCoWriMo letters received. It’s not the end of the month yet, but I’m already calling InCoWriMo 2013 a Complete Success!

Letters du Jour – 24 February 2013

Our last InCoWriMo Sunday! Some of us (Mr. Ward) may be using this day to catch up. Others (yrs. truly) are using today to reply to the many wonderful InCoWriMo letters received. Whatever your reasons, I invite you to: Write Today!