InCoWriMo Award Certificates are Here!

It’s February 28th and requests for InCoWriMo Award Certificates are being received. Congratulations to each and every InCoWriMo participant. Whether you will request a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Participation, you are very much a WINNER!

I’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to Michael Ward for having designed the InCoWriMo Award Certificates. He literally spent countless hours designing the certificates and making what – at times – seemed an endless list of changes based on my whims. Mr. Ward, I thank you for your patience and I thank you for your outstanding work.

But what do the certificates look like? I’m glad you asked! Here is a Certificate of Achievement:


Certificates of Participation will be nearly identical, except they will say Certificate of Participation and the verbiage will be ever so slightly changed.

Now – getting back to Michael Ward for a moment – during the certificate design process, one of the many requests I made of him was to print a certificate without the name and date – and then to place my name and the March 1st date on the certificate by hand in his gorgeous Spencerian script. Here is the result:


I was so pleased with the certificate that I immediately made Michael promise to sell it to me. He hesitated, thinking he was just doing me (yet another) favor. We haggled, we calculated, we argued, we finally agreed. For ten dollars he printed my certificate, added my name and the date by hand, and has mailed it to me.

Michael doesn’t know I’m about to do this, but I’m offering his services up for sale. If anyone is interested in purchasing a Spencerian script hand-written certificate, let me know (eric at and I’ll make the arrangements.

Faced with an overwhelming response to these hand-written certificates, Mr. Ward is now fully aware of my evil plan and has agreed to be the official InCoWriMo 2013 Scribe. Michael will print a certificate, apply your name and the March 1st date by hand in Spencerian script, and mail it to you for $10 (in the States) or $13 (international). If you are interested in purchasing a Spencerian script hand-written certificate, let me know (eric at and I will put you in touch with the scribe himself.

Today (on this side of the Date Line) is our last day of InCoWriMo 2013. I’m going to enjoy the day by penning some responses to the many wonderful InCoWriMo letters I’ve received.

Thank you ALL for InCoWriMo 2013!