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InCoWriMo Day Two!

Think of the smile that your correspondence from Day One will put on the face of the recipient. You’ve done well! Today is Day Two and we have yet another opportunity to create smiles and spread some InCoJoy. Keep up the great work!

Today’s Featured Image (above) brought to us by @reachingralph. If you’re on Instagram, you should absolutely be following Ralph!

Today’s Recipient Nominee

InCoWriMo participation would be difficult without something upon which to write, and few have shared as much paper decision-making information with us as today’s nominee:

Mr. Paper
c/o Anderson Pens
10 E College Ave., Suite 112A
Appleton, WI 54911

As a working studio artist, Mr. Paper (aka Chris) loves pens, loves inks, and has a particular passion for – you guessed it – paper. At Anderson Pens, Chris is building a sizable library of stationery product video reviews. There are currently 40 Mr. Paper videos on everything from Midori MD Notebooks to Tomoe River Loose Sheets, Maruman Mnemosyne to Graphilo Notebooks, and many things in between.

Check out the complete Mr. Paper Library and drop Chris a bit o’ InCoLove at the mailing address above.

Address Exchange

The InCoWriMo 2018 Address Exchange is up and running! If you’re interested in receiving mail from other InCoWriMo Participants, add your name, address (and perhaps a few words about yourself) to the exchange. Visit the exchange to either share your address or look for willing victims recipients – or both!

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