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InCoWriMo Address Exchange 2023

It’s nearly February! AKA, InCoWriMo 2023! Woot! And it’s also our TENTH YEAR! Let’s do this!

This post officially opens the Season of Sharing – of mailing addresses. Many like to share their addresses, many like to find address, all of this takes place right here on this page in the comments section below.

Simply add a comment to this blog post with your name and mailing address (and perhaps a sentence about yourself or your interests). Other InCoWriMo participants will add their addresses and might just choose yours to put on their InCoWriMo Calendar.

Keep in mind that once you have shared your mailing address on this page, it will very likely be “findable” on the internet forever and a day and until the end of time. There simply is no way to share an address publicly and also keep it private.

Happy InCo!