As the end of February and InCoWriMo drew near, you may have felt sadness! The great Letter Writing Festival was over! Fear not. Even when InCoWriMo is over, it’s not really over. We celebrate the end with a feast of pens and inks, and in particular, announcing the winner of the Franklin-Christoph Write-In GiveAway!

Winner of the Franklin-Christoph Write-In GiveAway!

In honor of InCoWriMo’s 5th year, Scott Franklin and Franklin-Christoph offered this amazing pen as prize for an InCoWriMo random drawing: the Franklin-Christoph Model 66 Desk Pen in the oh-so-coveted Antique Glass material!

And the winner is: KittyAnn of North Carolina! Congratulations, woo hoo, hooray, yippee!