Mailboxes du Jour – 11 January 2014

As was the case last year, once InCoWriMo 2014 is underway, I hope to receive pictures of the cards/letters that fellow InCo’s are sending/receiving so that they can be shared here under Letters du Jour blog posts.

Until InCoWriMo begins, however, I thought some of us might want to share photos of our mailboxes. I’m anything but shy, so I’ll start!

If you happen to send me something during InCoWriMo (yep, my address is on the 28 People list), it will – in theory – eventually arrive in this mailbox:

Eric's Mailbox in Puerto Vallarta
Eric’s Mailbox in Puerto Vallarta

For the curious, the door at the end of this little alley-type-path is, indeed, my front door.

After taking the photo of my mailbox this morning, I started walking to Starbucks. En route, I stopped to take a photo of one of the Mexico Postal Service mailboxes that dot the city.

If you receive an InCoWriMo card or letter from me, it will have been dropped in this mailbox, which basically sits at the corner of Calles Juárez y Independencia:

Mexico Postal Service Maildrop
Mexico Postal Service Maildrop

Humorous Anecdote: These Mexico Postal Service maildrops are scattered all over Puerto Vallarta and, for that matter, all over Mexico. They are not as ubiquitous as the blue US Postal Service maildrops, but there are plenty of them.

In the picture above, you might notice a website’s URL being advertised. I noticed it. I was interested. I tried to visit the web site.

Mexico Postal Service maildrops advertise all over the country. Oddly enough, I could not reach the website. In fact, I found that the domain name was not even registered.

So here’s the funny part… I registered the domain and configured it to take visitors to the InCoWriMo website. Thanks in no small part to Correos de México, InCoWriMo is now enjoying free advertising all over the country!

See for yourself. Type into your browser and see where you go <grin>

That’s it for today’s Mailboxes du Jour. If you feel like sharing a picture of your mailbox, your local maildrop, your PO Box, etc., send me what you have. I’m at eric at