Mailboxes du Jour – Edison Pen World Headquarters

Today’s mailbox treat, the Edison Pen Company World Headquarters Post Office Box, comes to us from the village of Milan, Ohio – where all Edison Pens are born.

Although I’ve visited Milan more than once, I would not have called it a village – even though it’s the only place I know of in America where one can still “pump first, pay later” at the gas station – but according to the Knower of All Things (aka Wikipedia), Milan is, in fact, a village.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of standing directly in front of the Edison Pen Company World Headquarters Post Office Box. It was a sight to behold. I even touched it. I haven’t washed my hand since.

For my next visit to Milan, I’ll call my friends at Arquitectural Digest so that they can come photograph the interior of this world-famous location. They can feature the box on the cover of their upcoming issue detailing the Joy of Minimalism.

Ok, seriously, take a gander:

Edison Pen Company World Headquarters PO Box, Milan, Oho

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