• Letters du Jour – 24 February 2013

    Our last InCoWriMo Sunday! Some of us (Mr. Ward) may be using this day to catch up. Others (yrs. truly) are using today to reply to the many wonderful InCoWriMo letters received. Whatever your reasons, I invite you to: Write Today!

  • Letters du Jour – 21 February 2013

    InCoWriMo 2013 - the final week! Seven days from now, InCoWriMo 2013 will be over, but our InCoWriMo experience will live on. I feel I've adopted the habit of writing (at least) one letter each day. It's a terrific habit to have, both for me, the recipients (I hope), and for my pens. Yeah, my pens have never been so happy, so fulfilled.