Queen Elizabeth II Endorses InCoWriMo!

Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second has taken up the InCoWriMo cause and would like you to know about it:

50+ Willing Correspondence Recipients – Including Elizabeth II
How to Write a Letter
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Stephen Brown

    Not only is it wonderful that Her Majesty endorses InCoWriMo, but do I see, at 0:16, that she has an Akkerman Red Baron pen? Might that have been a gift from (soon to be ex-)Queen Beatrix?

  • William Anderson

    This is priceless! I’m off to pen a note to Queen Beatrix as soon as I post this

  • kdf9012

    Come off it, everyone knows Queen Bess II uses a Parker 51 – the Bentley of Fountain pens.

    • ec

      Absolutely! That lobster must’ve made off with it.

      • kdf9012

        That blasted lobster. I knew it was a mistake to call him Thermidor. He probably stole Dali’s telephone as well. Kleptomaniac lobsters – that’s just what the world needs.