How to Write a Letter

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Stephen, Azizah, Roberto, and Eric meet in Leiden, Netherlands, to talk “How to Write a Letter.” They also talk about other things, like inks and pens… common in the fountain pen world.


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  • PostMuse

    One or two questions is a good idea. A dozen is not. I get about 40 pieces of mail a week, and it is so frustrating to get letters with a gazillion questions. I prefer to let the relationship unfold slowly, not all in one letter. I usually ask if glitter (never, ever, ever loose glitter) is okay. People have very strong preferences on that one. No one has ever asked me about shoes. I have boring shoes. Perhaps I exude an ugly-shoe persona so no one asks.

    Buy some postcard stock and carry that with you (does watercolor stock play nice with fountain pens?). Address on the front and 140 characters on the back. Write the address, and affix proper postage, in advance and that way as soon as you finish your old-fashion tweet while waiting for your coffee-to-go, the postcard is ready to go.

    Enjoy all your letter writing moments!

  • Pen Klepteau

    After finding this forum, I feel I’m no longer a “stranger in a strange land” surrounded by my beloved pens and my bottles of ink. Now perhaps I can play well with others. 🙂

  • Robin McCormack

    A friend just told me about InCoWriMo and I never imagined I’d be watching two guys talking about pens and how to write a letter. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thank you for doing it. I’ll be joining in and have already told all my writing and reading friends about it.

  • Ken Proffitt Thomas

    This is pretty awesome. I write lots of letters every month to friends and family. Thanks for the video!