Lisa Anderson Endorses InCoWriMo!

Lisa Anderson, President of Pen Collectors of American, the Queen of Esterbrook, and Co-Owner of Anderson Pens, is not only a pledge-taking InCoWriMo participant, she also thinks it would be great for you to take part as well:

InCoWriMo 2013 Planning Calendar
How to Write a Letter
50-Plus Willing Recipients of your InCoWriMo Correspondence

  • Stephen Brown

    InCoRhino – awesome :-)!

    • Ink-a-Rhino lol

      • But how do you fit a rhino in a mailbox?

        • eriquito

          Small rhino. Big mailbox. Easy peasy. =)

          • LOL why didn’t I think of that? (heading out to find a small rhino;)

  • Lord Windermere

    Can’t wait for yer letter, lass! I’d say “kisses’, but a lobster ain’t got no lips.