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    InCoWriMo Weekend One!

    It's the First Saturday of the First Weekend of InCoWriMo 2018! If you're slightly behind, we'll show you how to catch up quickly and easily - promise! If you're right on track, the InCoRules do not prevent you from getting slightly ahead! Today's Recipient Nominee:

  • Waterman Ink by ReachingRalph

    InCoWriMo Day Two!

    Think of the smile that your correspondence from Day One will put on the face of the recipient. You've done well! Today is Day Two and we have yet another opportunity to create smiles and spread some InCoJoy. Keep up the great work! Today's Recipient Nominee:

  • VP Life Stationery

    InCoWriMo Begins!

    Some have already written their first InCoWriMo 2018 letters, notes, postcards, etc. Some of those have already been sent and/or delivered. #ohyeah - InCoWriMo has begun! Keep up the great work and keep spreading the InCoJoy! #incowrimo #ohyeah Today's Recipient Nominiee: