• Lisa Anderson Endorses InCoWriMo!

    Lisa Anderson, President of Pen Collectors of American, the Queen of Esterbrook, and Co-Owner of Anderson Pens, is not only a pledge-taking InCoWriMo participant, she also thinks it would be great for you to take part as well.

  • Tim Hofmann Dedicates Bad Cartoon to InCoWriMo!

    Tim Hofmann, aka manoeuver, is the official Bad Cartoonist at Fountain Pen Geeks. He is also fully on-board with InCoWriMo. He’s so on-board, in fact, that his creative side has brimmed to overflowing and he dedicates the following Bad Cartoon to InCoWriMo and to all InCoWriMo 2013 participants. See more of Tim’s Bad Cartoons at FPGeeks.

  • Professor Tarquin Danglebury Endorses InCoWriMo!

    If you live anywhere within or near the Fountain Pen Universe, you may know of Professor Tarquin Danglebury, Head of the Penology Department at Cambridge University. Professor Danglebury is on-board with InCoWriMo and in the following video message, encourages you to participate as well: You can enjoy more of Professor Danglebury through his newly launched series of videos: Ask The Professor Related: InCoWriMo 2013 Planning Calendar These 29 People Would Love to Receive your InCoWriMo Correspondence The InCoWriMo Pledge InCoWriMo Forums