• Quill and Paper

    InCoWriMo Address Exchange 2019

    Many have expressed interest in sharing their own addresses in the hopes of receiving InCoMail in February. You can do that right here on this page in the comments section. Simply add a comment (below) to this blog post with your name and mailing address...

  • @carriejojo212

    InCoWriMo Valentine’s Day!

    Valentine's Day means that we've made it to the half-way point of InCoWriMo 2018! Congratulations! We're doing great - and if you're a bit behind, no worries! See how easy it is to play a little catch-up below. Keep spreading the InCoLove! Today's Recipient Nominee:

  • @bujo.adventures

    InCoWriMo Day 10!

    We've made it to Day Ten of InCoWriMo 2018, which means we are nearly at the half-way mark! Great job, everyone! Keep writing and keep sending - one letter at a time, you're making the world a better place! Today's Recipient Nominee: