• Mailboxes du Jour – 17 January 2014

    Answering my call for mailbox photos is our very own writingrav, aka Ira Stone. Or perhaps that’s Ira Stone aka writingrav? Matters not – we have a photo of his mailbox! Ira’s address in Philadelphia is 700 Commodore Court #2750. I’ll leave it up to you to deduce which of the mailboxes pictured belongs to writingrav. Thank you very much indeed, Ira, for sharing. It is much appreciated. Anyone else care to share? Please send a photo of your mailbox, mail slot, PO Box, etc., to eric at incowrimo.org. We’ll give you (or rather, your mailbox) a place in the spotlight!  

  • Mailboxes du Jour – 16 January 2014

    Today’s mailbox is located in The Netherlands, in a town called Hoorn, and has the distinction of belonging to the Brown Family, which includes the eminent SBRE (Stephen) Brown. I have personally sent countless letters to Mr. Brown and it’s nice to finally see the box to which they are delivered prior to being put through Stephen’s shredder. If you’d like one (or more) of your InCoWriMo letters to be ceremoniously dropped into this mailbox, you can find SBRE Brown’s complete mailing address on the list of These 28 People Would Love to Receive your InCoWriMo Correspondence. Do you have a mailbox? Perhaps a PO Box? Maybe a mail slot…

  • InCoWriMo 2014 Countdown Timers

    Anticipation is half the fun, right? I can’t wait to get started, so I’ll keep my eye on the Puerto Vallarta counter below. I’ve listed twenty-four different time zones. If yours isn’t listed, let me know. I’d be happy to list more, up to and including all 40-ish that exist on our big, beautiful planet. See if you can spot the non-standard offsets of some of the locations below. Cool!