• These 28 People Would Love to Receive your InCoWriMo Correspondence

    Don’t let a lack of at-the-ready recipients keep you from accepting the InCoWriMo challenge. With this list, you don’t even need your personal address book: Brian Anderson Anderson Pens 10 East College Avenue Suite 112A Appleton, WI 54911 USA Lisa Anderson Anderson Pens 10 East College Avenue Suite 112A Appleton, WI 54911 USA Pendleton Brown Pendleton’s Pens PO Box 505 Cumming, GA 30028 USA Stephen Brown aka SBRE Brown Dvorakhof 63 Hoorn 1628 SZ The Netherlands Dennis Burleigh President & CEO, Pilot Corporation of America 3855 Regent Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32224 USA Sam and Frank Fiorella Pendemonium 619 Avenue G Fort Madison, IA 52627 USA Brian Gray Edison Pen Company…

  • InCoWriMo Taking Shape!

    InCoWriMo was mentioned during today’s episode of FPtv. I caught up with Stephen Brown after the show and he verified that he will definitely be an InCoWriMo participant. He’ll probably do more than just participate. In fact, he already has by sharing InCoWriMo ideas with me. Today I’ve managed to: Create the very basic web pages of the InCoWriMo website. Create an InCoWriMo Forum at Fountain Pen Geeks. Post the first two threads at the InCoWriMo Forum. Create the InCoWriMo Twitter account. There’s still work to be done and only five more days until February is upon us, but it’s all good. This is fun!  

  • Happy Birthday InCoWriMo!

    InCoWriMo is International Correspondence Writing Month! February 2013 marks InCoWriMo I, the first annual group effort to write one letter (or note or postcard) each day for one full month. The InCoWriMo website (the one you’re reading now) was born on January 25, 2013. It is, at this point, a work-in-progress. My top priorities at the moment: Solidify the idea(s) behind InCoWriMo. Create some helpful pages at the InCoWriMo website. Garner some initial support for the InCoWriMo concept. Start making a list of the people I will write to in February! Stay tuned – and thanks for stopping by!