InCoWriMo Address Exchange 2018

Many have expressed interest in sharing their own addresses in the hopes of receiving InCoMail in February. You can do that right here on this page in the comments section. Simply add a comment (below) to this blog post with your name and mailing address…

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Winner of the Franklin-Christoph Write-In GiveAway!

As the end of February and InCoWriMo drew near, you may have felt sadness! The great Letter Writing Festival was over! Fear not. Even when InCoWriMo is over, it’s not really over. We celebrate the end with a feast of pens and inks, and in particular, announcing the winner…

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The InCo17 Franklin-Christoph Write-In GiveAway

In honor of InCoWriMo’s 5th year, Scott Franklin and Franklin-Christoph have offered an amazing pen as prize for an InCoWriMo random drawing. You could win the amazing Franklin-Christoph Model 66 Desk Pen in the oh-so-coveted Antique Glass material!

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The InCoCSL – Cool Surprise Letter

Give your InCoWriMo recipients a cool and fun surprise – and make them work a bit when they receive your correspondence! Fold your letter/note into an InCoCSL (Cool Surprise Letter). This quick video shows just how easy (and fun) it can be: Share your mailing address with…

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InCoGiveAway! Use Your Pens!

This InCoGiveAway is taking place exclusively on Instagram. Would you like to adopt Lord Windermere's semi-evil half-brother? Well here's your chance! Count Crustáceo de Cozumel is looking for a new lair (after having a near boiling experience off the coast of...

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An InCoWriMo Group Endorsement!

Not since One Direction has a group had this much influence upon the public at large. This endorsement, featuring Tarquin, Azizah, Stephen, and Windy - with a cameo by Roberto thrown in for good measure -  can only be described as mega-hyper-super-ultra coooool!...

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