• Professor Tarquin Danglebury Endorses InCoWriMo!

    If you live anywhere within or near the Fountain Pen Universe, you may know of Professor Tarquin Danglebury, Head of the Penology Department at Cambridge University. Professor Danglebury is on-board with InCoWriMo and in the following video message, encourages you to participate as well: You can enjoy more of Professor Danglebury through his newly launched series of videos: Ask The Professor Related: InCoWriMo 2013 Planning Calendar These 29 People Would Love to Receive your InCoWriMo Correspondence The InCoWriMo Pledge InCoWriMo Forums

  • InCoWriMo 2013 Planning Calendar

    February 1st – and the start of InCoWriMo 2013 – is fast approaching. Perhaps a little bit of planning would help? Here, for your use and enjoyment, is a handy InCoWriMo 2013 Planning Calendar. There are probably many ways in which to use the calendar, but here is what I have done: I’ve downloaded the calendar. I’ve printed the calendar. I’ve listed the name of the person to whom I plan to write each day. Here, have a look-see: The person to whom I write on any given day during InCoWriMo is very likely to change. But I like knowing that I have a bit of a game plan –…